vrchat stuck in space

Are You Stuck In Space During Vrchat Play, This Guide Will Help You

Being stuck is a common thing for most gamers. Even if it is a developing game, Chat, has got the same factor of being stuck. Having chat stuck in space is not the only thing related to this query, loading like forever, getting continuous blue screens, being stuck in the Menu and there are so many things. Although you cannot do much more things in these cases, prevention or getting out of those issues are easy things to fix for sure.

What Does It Mean By Having Stuck In Space?

It means that there is an error with the game as the first point. What you need to do as the second thing is to look for a cause to receive such a stuck window. Most of the time you will get a dialog box opened in the window. After reading the dialog box, you will be able to go along with finding a solution. If you are abandoned without a dialog box also, you will be able to follow the below instructions to find a solution.

Find If There Is A Special Application Running To Prevent The App From Running

Having vrchat stuck either on loading or while playing the game might have been caused as a security measure. For example, windows defender or the antivirus must have taken it as a security measure. You may find the notifications related to the game as such measures. All you have to do is to allow the game or grant a special security measure.

Re-Running Or Reinstalling The Game

Although you are not aware of the cause, it might be due to some sudden missing of a file. Re-running the game will be able to collect its lost data and get back into the game where you had been playing. If the error is severe or the files cannot be recovered by the game, you will have to re-install the game. After finishing this step, you will be able to get back to the previous stage as you haven’t deleted user files.

Also, you should remember that there is s custom setting for loading errors that you can do. You may find a folder labeled as “%Userprofile%/AppData/LocalLow/VRChat/vrchat” and rename it to “parse.settings.bak” and relaunch the game. After ending the game in the taskbar, you will be able to get the settings back to normal.

Cleaning The Cache Is A Fix

While other friends are waiting for you in the game, you may delete the file labeled as “C:\Users[YourName]\AppData\Local\Temp\VRChat” to get away with the issue easily. Even if you are not using a cache cleaner, it will be enough if you simply delete the files that have been mentioned.

Other than the things that have been mentioned in the text, you may try emptying the disk space, try without the virus guard, check the internet setting, and the usual thing a person might do when looking for an answer as well.  One of them might be holding the key to have vrchat stuck in space.

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