As a person who loves having a well set up game, it is essential to establish the SDK or the System Development Kit as an initial step. Also, it is an easy thing with a proper understanding.

When there are some errors and bug fixes, you will eventually fall with the game in an instant.

Since VRchat is a new game and not having older or modified versions, it is important to know the right path. 

Here are few things you need to be aware of about the fix VRchat SDK not working Issue.

Not Appearing The Build Control Panel VRchat SDK Menu Dropdown

It can be considered as one of the major problems VRchat gamers face right now. There are two reasons or causes behind this error.

The first one is not having a later version of the VRchat game. If you haven’t updated or installed the VRchat into the latest version, doing so will fix this issue.

When it comes to the second reason, checking the console will let you know if there is any kind of error. Having errors in the console will also restrict you to have the Build Control Panel in the game.

Also, having third party applications may produce some errors in the script as well. Therefore getting rid of such scripts or compilations will welcome the game without such errors.

Not Appearing The Uploaded Content

VRchat can be enjoyed with the content you have uploaded as well. At a time when you can’t see the content that has been uploaded into the game that will be a time you have to consider a few things.

Obviously few causes can be understood as the cause for this error. It will be better if the unity has been updated to its latest version.

If you are running with an outdated version of the unity, your uploaded content won’t appear in the list for sure.

Also, when it comes to your account, you must be logged into your and you should have logged out of a platform account.

When you are logged into both above accounts that will be a cause for not appearing the uploaded files. Also, it is important to see the content correctly. 

To do so, you need to see the Content Manager tab to verify if things are doing fine. It is a mistake that most of the gamers do, thinking the things haven’t been uploaded by not seeing them properly with the content manager tab.

Editor console is a place where you need to keep your eyes on when uploading anything into the game. If any errors can be seen in the console, you will have to solve them first. The community will educate you regarding such things indeed.

Windows Not Appearing And VRchat SDK Not Working Issue

This is a somewhat complicated error in the game In this case unity tabs will go missing and you won’t find any error either.

Although you are trying to figure out the real problem, there will not be anything you find for this error. .

You need to follow few steps to fix this VRchat SDK not working Issue.

01)As the very first set up, you need to close the Unity. Although how much progress you have achieved or accomplished at this stage, you must close the Unity.

02)  Now you can make changes to the settings. As the next step, you should type Regedit after pressing the Windows key. You may find this setting in the search bar as well. If you are prompted to grant the administrator’s access, that also should be allowed.

You need to remember that this is a hard thing not just about the VRchat game but for your Pc too. Therefore it is vital to follow only the advised steps.

As this set contains all the settings that have been installed on your computer, one small thing will vanish in just a second.  As a better way to fix Windows Not appearing and VRchat SDK not working Issue this is a risk, you need to bear.

03. The following key has to be pasted in the regedit. ( Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unity Technologies\Unity Editor 5.x.) You should paste the mentioned list on the bar or if there is not a bar, you will have to navigate to the mentioned destination.

04. Although it is the 4th step, this can be the most crucial step in the process. All you need to do here is to remove all the keys that have been titled as VRC. As a common thing, you will be able to find a key titled VRCSDK2. That should also be removed. It is a vital factor that you must delete only the files named as VRC.

05. As the final step, you may close the regedit. Then after you will be able to get rid of the troubles that arose with the Windows Not appearing and VRchat SDK not working Issue.


VRchat doesn’t always create errors and they are intentional neither. With the given proof and the causes, you will find that you are also a reason for such problems.

Understanding the error properly and decoding it on the internet will let you enjoy the game at its best for sure.

When there is a time you don’t read any error in the console, you will be able to find the best solutions by searching the related terms. In case of a lost moment, an opening of a ticket will let you have immediate assistance.