As a great way to get rid of the meaningless first-person shooting games and similar stuff, Vrchat has been able to make a new way for gamers worldwide with its unique features.

Although it has got some minor fixes, such as the Vrchat mic not working issue, you will find it as one of the greatest live streaming games in the world.

If you are a person who struggles to decide if the Vrchart deserves a second chance with the mic not hearing issue, these specific things will remind you about the great pleasure you might be able to gain with the game.

Unlike similar games in the generation, Vrchat has got a whole new world of gamers who love playing in a global model with quite new achievements.

When it comes to its prominent one, the ability to add players from any corner of the world has been the main feature.

It doesn’t know the cultural and religious barriers. All it needs to play the Vrchat is to have a proper internet connection and a desirable player. Avatar has been an embracing feature in the world.

It always doesn’t have to be you who needs to show the face. Even a cartoonized avatar might get the work done. The best thing about the Vrchat has a full-body avatar which is capable of lip sync, eye tracking/blinking, and all sort of body movements.  It is not always about the entertainment with the action but the infotainment and the specific desires you have.

For example, even if you are a person who loves to keep chatting with an unseen friend, the game will be an oasis for sure. Live chats, collaborate, draw, different play modes, events, funtainment, and there will be a bunch of things to do.

When it comes to the audio setup, you will be able to find some of the greatest finishes for an online game at present.

Although it can be considered as the next level of audio, you will find some trouble with the issues such as Vrchat Mic not working issue. As the designers have taken several risks for facilitating 3-D spatialized audio features, it is always normal to face some issues indeed.

Until the later versions provide answers for such issues, there are some easy fixes that can be made with the game. These seven fixes will be able to continue the momentum until a later version does.

Have You Enabled It?

There have been many complaints regarding the easiest fix that can be arranged to enable the mic in the game.

Although it has been identified by the computer, it is vital to enable the mic inside the game.

You need to remember that it has been taken as a security measure to increase your privacy. If you want someone to hear your voice, that will have to be done under your inspection, that’s all.

Selecting The Correct Mic Is Vital.

When you are planning to use a couple of mics, you are not going to remember which one to be used for speaking.

This happens most of the occasions when you have no idea which one is expected to receive your voice.

If there is a decrease in your voice-hearing, it will be better if you select the proper mic.

Give It A Restart

If many people are complaining to you that your voice can not be heard in Rec Room or VR Chat, a restart will fix it for sure. As the temporary files are being stored in the internet cache, the game might be interfered with by those files as a restriction. If you have a good past with the working mic, you can simply restart the computer for a simple file rehabilitation.

Also, it is important to remember that you should not restart the computer if it is the very first time when you put on the mic.

Taking Off The Kinect Sensor Might Solve The Issue.

As a modern game, Vrchat is equipped with several features. The Kinect sensor is such a thing that it can be used to improve the quality of the game.

It is being used by gamers to track the full body to have a perfection of the gameplay as well. But, there has been some case that the Kinect sensor has had multiple issues with the Kinect sensor.

If you are not heard by the others, and you are using a Kinect sensor, replugging or removing will do the trick sometimes.

Cleaning The Cache Is Such A Good Thing.

As you know, internet connection is such a headache that prevents you from having the best of the game. It not only slows the momentum but creating thousands of temporary files on the hard disk. It is recommended to clean the internet cache even if you are not having an issue.

Although a restart is recommended for a minor issue such as Vrchat Microphone not working issue, you may go ahead with simple treatment such as cleaning the cache options. Also, it will be more cheerful to use third-party software to do so as some internet browsers won’t allow removing specific files, which may still cause the same trouble.

Update The Drivers And Reinstall The Software

Although the probability is a bit low, you might have to try these things as well. Your computer might need the perfect combination for playing the game with hardware and software. When there is a chance that you may come up with, it has to be taken for sure.

Many gamers have responded with a positive feedback saying that updating windows drivers and reinstalling the Oculus S software have been able to fix the Vrchat Mic not working issue.

Intended Things Will Need A Follow Up In The Oculus Party Chat.

Although it is not clear if it is intended or a bug, you need to leave the Party Chat and reboot the game to get your voice; after getting into the game, you will be able to play the game as usual.

However, the designers are stating that it is an intentional measure that has been taken t increase the security of the platform as well.

It deserves a second chance, doesn’t it?

As you can see, the “Vrchat Mic not working” issue is not an issue that can be stated under issues. All you need to have is a good understanding of the game.

The more you play the game, the more you will encounter issues. But, as a challenging game, it will be better if you can consider them as things in the game as a true gamer. Also, Vrchat deserves such dedication from the gamers as it delivers the best for you.