VRchat Loading Loop

VRchat Loading Loop, The Complete Guide

Loading or being stuck in Vrchat is not a common thing to happen. If it happens, that will be one of the most hated things while playing this game with your friends. If you keep seeing a loading screen or having a Vrchat loading loop, this article will help you for sure.

The Main Reason To Have A Vrchat Loading Loop

As you know VRchat is a game with an internet interaction. Therefore building a massive cache is a usual thing to happen. Although the game is already working on its updates and bug fixes, there is something that you still have to do regarding this gameplay. Cleaning the cache memory is such a thing you might have to do. Also, you may use a cache cleaner to get away with this thing.

There are plenty of cache memory cleaners on the internet for free. Although most of them require a premium or a paid version, you may use the standard version to manage your task, clean the cache memory. However, the following things will help you to trey for having a Vrchat loading loop.

Cleaning Up Your Temporarily Vrchat Temporarily Files

Since you have already cleaned up the cache, there is not a possibility to have temporary files. Although you have missed a tick or skipped this part, you can try it manually. All you have to do is to get to %Username%\AppData\Local\Temp\VRChat and delete the files. Since Vrchat increases the number of files along with the avatars, worlds, friends, and several factors, you will have to empty the cache.

Re-launching the game will let you know if the thing has worked. It can happen even if you have done things right and the Os has not identified. You may try a restart to see on such occasions. Files will be saved and the changes will be applied to the OS in a restart process.

When it comes to Infinite loading loops, a restart is recommended. If the issue happens after the restart, you will have to look for other solutions.

Other Launch Options

Even though you don’t know what the problem is, you may try launch options to get rid of the Vrchat loading loop. If a gamer is having login problems that cannot find a solution for, this step will be much of useful. Also, this step will be a good solution for other issues such as lagging and being stuck in the space forever.

What you should do is to get to the library and select properties under Vrchat. Then after you will get the access to go for launch options. After proceeding to set the launch options, you may use one of these three lines to set the launching.




If you want to enter into a different world, all you have to do is to enter the Id of the world. Even though your friends are there or not, you will get to play the game without having any loading loop.

The Graphic Driver Might Have Outdated

Having an outdated graphic driver can eventually be the reason to have issues in loading or Vrchat loading loop. Although you are using the graphic card with the highest performance, you will not be able to get the expected entertainment if the updates are not installed properly.

It is true that most of the world-class first-person games support any kind of graphic card. What they need is not updates but the performance. As a game with a recent origin. VRchat game is not capable of adapting to thousands of conditions.

Therefore having an updated graphic card along with the hardware performance will reduce loading loops or Vrchat sudden stops as well.

There are two ways a person can install the updates, manually and automatically. Although you can install the updates manually, it will be better if you allow the graphic card to find its updates on the internet as it gets the latest version and it will be the quickest too.

A VPN Can Also Hold The Key

As a developing game that has not passed even a decade in the gaming industry, there can still be bugs that need fixes. If you are still facing the same problem, Vrchat loading loop like forever, you may change the internet settings into a VPN. Although there are legal restrictions and such things when considering a VPN, there is not any MAC address tracing or Ip tracing of the VRchat game yet.

Many users have shared their experience along with mine that a VPN could solve the problems. You may find hundreds of VPNs on the internet. Also, Opera like internet browsers offer a VPN facility as an inbuilt feature. It is not essential to set specific values for IP addresses but selecting another country will be enough. If this thing works, you will have to keep playing the game in the VPN mode.

Also, staying on alert of the updates will let you know if you can get rid of this VPN thing as well. Usually, updates come as fixes for these issues.

Disabling IPV6

As one of the troubling causes to play Vrchat game without being interrupted, a poor Internet Service Provider for IPV6 is considered. It has been proven that disabling IPV6 is a good fix for having a Vrchat loading loop. This is the way to do it.

You may find a network and sharing center on the computer. Also, running a search in the search bar will let you have the access to this menu. As the next step, you should choose adapter settings. In this part of the setting, you will see the connections that you are using to connect to the internet.

After identifying the Internet Service Provider, you should choose properties and then uncheck the box that has labeled as Internet Protocol Version 6(IPV6).  Now all the things can be set by pressing ok and you are almost on the go.

You may simply launch the Vrchat game to see if things have been fixed. If it has not been fixed yet, you will have to restart the computer as modem settings, Wi-Fi settings, and necessary data might need restarting your computer to get back to normal. If the loop keeps happening, you may try logging in to the Vrchat game several times.

Deletion Of Vrchat In The Registry

Usually, this is a thing done by the cache memory cleaner. You might have either unchecked the box labeled as “removing registry” or not purchase the complete version of the app. The best thing you can do is to do it manually if you are in a hurry.

You should use the windows registry editor to perform this task. When it comes to getting there quickly, you may press Win + R to get the run box. Then you will get and you should type Regedit and press ok to get to the next step. Then you should proceed to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VRChat\vrchat and delete all of the files in the folder.

After the deletion is completed, you may still need a restart to get the things concluded properly.

Setting Up Exceptions For Antivirus

Most of the death threats to your computer arrive at you through the internet. Therefore, it is vital to keep things checked most of the time. Antivirus or the Windows defender is always being alert of the things what your internet connection is doing. Since many permissions and allowances are required by embracing the game Vrchat, the virus guard finds it suspicious.

The end result is to determine the game as a threat by the virus guard. There is only one thing you may still try, letting the Vrchat game have its authority by riding the virus guard manually.

There are several virus guards in the world that need special permission to run the game such as AVG, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, and Avast. What you need to go to the antivirus and select the exception tab under the settings and deselect or grant the special permission for the app. If you have already encountered a Vrchat loading loop error due to the Virus guard, you will be seeing that the virus guard has a notification for the Vrchat game.

After setting the things, you may see if the game can load without having a loop. If things don’t go back to work, you will have to try disabling the virus guard for a second.

Even though it is the windows defender that you have to disable, you may still have to do that. After disabling the virus guard, you may try running the Vrchat game to see if it has lost the Vrchat loading loop.

It is vital to note that either disabling the virus guard or windows defender is extremely cautious. You are exposing your computer to the threats. Also, playing an online game is a moment when you open all your doors to third parties, therefore, you must find the cause for not letting you play the Vrchat game and enable the virus guard and internet protection as soon as possible.


Having a Vrchat loading loop is not the worst thing that you may get to experience in favor of the negative feedback. But, difficulties in escaping the world, being stuck in the space while your friends enjoy the game, repeated screens, and there are so many things that you may find hard to endure. These fixes will assist you when you are in such situations too. Also, you need to remember that fixing things that are related to the internet and virus guard need frequent observation. Because being exposed to third parties will always be a threat.

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