how to make vrchat fullscreen

How to fullscreen VRchat 2023 [GUIDE]

How To Make VRchat Fullscreen To Get Its Full Use : Holding the shift while clicking the VRchat will allow you to reset the screen size back to full without borders from the very beginning.

VRchat game is an embracing one with its full graphical attendance towards a new level of gaming.

As it requires high Vr performances, you will be able to achieve the best with the full screen.

Without knowing facts, many gamers do complain regarding the difficulties in turning it in the full screen.

This small summary will let you have an understanding of the ways of how to make vrchat fullscreen.

How to fullscreen vrchat

Why Do I Keep Seeing The VRchat On A Small Screen?

There can be several reasons behind this. But, on most occasions, players have added avatars in their game.

These situations may affect the overall game while the small or minimized screens will appear during the play.

Also, as you know VRchat is a game that requires so many cache files to have quick access to the processor. The high amount of cache files may cause this error.

When it comes to the systematic problems, you will have to check the drivers and if they are updated to the latest version.

If you haven’t updated the Directx, that might have been the reason why you are seeing the game in a scaled window.

Also, other causes have been explained by the users to see a bordered screen on the game because of the outdated version of the game. Since you are using a version with too many bugs and errors that will cause errors in between hardware and the application.

How To fix them

If you are running a third party application, you will have to look for the console if it has directed any error.

You will be able to solve them by reading the error properly.

Also, you can check if the VRchat is an updated version or there are new updates as those updates can fix small bugs.

One of the things that can cause to appear the bordered screen is the avatar you use. It will be better if you download an avatar from the official site. Unless an edited one or a modified one will cause troubles for sure.

If you are using third-party applications, you should maintain them with regular updates. After making a change, you will be able to reset it in the settings as well.

Holding the shift while clicking the VRchat will allow you to reset the screen size back to full without borders from the very beginning.

Also, you may use ALT+Enter to get the screen back to its full-size whenever you need it.

How to make VRchat fullscreen?

This method is hopefully the quickest method to make the VRchat full screen.

  1. To begin VRchat, press the play button.
  2. Press the Alt + Enter key.
  3. It will show you the Graphics Resolution options that are available.
  4. Set the resolution of your screen.

But sometimes when you’re trying to make the VRchat full screen you ay face dome errors. So you can try the following tip and tricks to fix any errors.

  1. Choose an appropriate avatar.

You can customize your avatar in VRChat. The majority of players, however, choose inappropriate avatars.

A good avatar is necessary for enjoyable gameplay. The correct and adjustable avatar will be available on the official website.

  1. Make Hardware Changes

Changing the hardware can sometimes solve the problem. The game may not be compatible with your hardware. To play the game, you must meet all of the requirements.

Update your hardware to play the game properly.

  1. Get the most recent VRChat.

Always keep an eye on VRChat for new updates. Any bugs or errors are always fixed by the developers.

Before you begin playing an older version of a game, you should always check its update status. After that, you must download and install the update.

It will take care of your issue with small screens.

  1. Third-party application updates.

If you use third-party applications in the game, you should update them on a regular basis.

Otherwise, it will not work with the game.

Third-party applications should always be updated.

  1. Increasing the quality of your drivers.

You may have noticed that an older version of drivers can also cause the screen border issue.

Check for driver updates and, if any are available, install them.

To update your drivers, go to the website for your motherboard. Then go to Drivers and see if there are any updates.

These are the most common screen scaling options. You can also fix the problem by manually adjusting your screen resolution.

vrchat fullscreen borderless

There are two ways to play VRChat in fullscreen borderless mode:

  1. Hold Shift while launching the game. This will launch VRChat in a borderless window, without the title bar or borders.
  2. Use the launch option --fullscreen-borderless. To do this, right-click VRChat in your Steam library and select Properties. Then, click the Set Launch Options button and enter the following launch option:

Click OK to save your changes.

Once you have launched VRChat in fullscreen borderless mode, you will be able to switch between other windows and applications without having to minimize VRChat. You can also Alt+Tab back to VRChat at any time.

Please note that fullscreen borderless mode may cause some performance issues, depending on your computer’s hardware. If you experience any performance problems, try switching to fullscreen mode or windowed mode.

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