Being a massive VR platform in the world, Vrchat has already become one of the good signs for online gamers. Ability to perform several actions, animated avatars, virtual worlds.

And numerous features are already in the business. Although it can be played on Windows, many online gamers are curious if they can play this on Linux. This article will let you know the complete guide on VRChat for Linux.

Ability To Play On Vrchat

Yes, you will be impressed to know that this amazing game, VRchat is playable on Linux. But, it requires to achieve simple things to have the same entertainment you could take on Windows. As a VRchat game lover, you will love doing small sacrifices for sure.

Steam Is Vital

Installing Steam on Linux will be the very first thing you have to do. It is not possible to play vrchat without steam. For fulfilling that, you should open a terminal window to set up Steam on the Linux platform. Once you did that, you will just have to continue the path until it finishes its installation process. 

For Ubuntu Users

Although many users are worrying that Ubuntu users cannot play VRchat, it is not so. If you are using the Ubuntu platform, you will have to enter “Sudo apt install steam” in a terminal window to set up steam on the platform.

For Debian Users

As a Debian user, you have to know one special thing regarding installing Steam on the Linux Os, “It is better to avoid installing Steam through the Debian Software”. The best thing you can do is to use wget to download the deb package to your computer. When it comes to the next step, you can use the dpkg command to install Steam on the Debian platform easily.

For Arch Linux

If you are using Arch Linux, you will have to open /etc/Pacman.con file and enable multilib in the edit options. Then after only you can resync the Steam on Arch Linux with the Arch Linux update command. Finally, you can use Pacman to install the latest version of Steam on the computer.


Flatpak runtime is a necessity when using the steam on the flatpack store. To install flatpak, you should install the flatpak package on the computer. After the installation is complete, you should enable the Flathub app store by using the flatpak remote-add command. Soon after the flathub AppStore is available in the system, you can install the steam app with the below code.

(flatpak install flathub com. valve software.Steam)

Setting Up Vrchat On Linux

Everything has been set up VRChat for Linux. Now all you have to do is to login into your steam account and enter the login details. Then after you should follow the mentioned steps for setting up VRchat for Linux.

As the very first thing to do, you should enable Steam play on the system. To do that, you should find the “Enable Steam Play for supported titles” setting in the steam settings.

If you have to confirm it, Ok will have to be the confirmation. You can find the VRchat game in the search options after searching with the Vrchat words and then Enter. You should allow it when it asks for the installation process. Then the game will be downloaded and installed.

After the installation is complete, you may hit the Play button to start the game. Now it’s all yours and just one moment away from a stunning experience. There will not be just one world but many in virtual reality.


Since you have already accomplished the main requirements to play VRchat on Linux, there will be nothing to stop you from the Vrchat play. But, as a platform with several development steps, there can be few barriers. If you are using such problems when either playing the game or enjoying special features, you can easily solve them by searching along with the error.

Also, if you are not familiar with the Steam platform, you will have to learn such stuff as it is not possible to play vrchat without steam. It is a common thing for many platforms in addition to Windows.