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15 Best Vrchat Worlds Every Player Should Visit

It’s been around for close to two years and a half, and since then, traffic has been diminishing and flowing with VR. But suppose that most Internet jokers stopped thinking for VRChat just before the insupportable Knuckles meme of Uganda at the beginning of 2018. Unfortunately, memes and anime girls don’t make a social VR function. In addition, VRChat has much cool and fantastic content. It offers everything from live sports, gaming, and luxury restaurants, all of which can be found on its free online website.

At the front end, it’s still a little dense. You will soon be overcome by a sheer number of choices on the front page of the ‘Worlds’ menu if you tried to select a few cool worlds. Therefore, we compiled a list of the world’s best VRChat travelers on their app tour should find out.

Note that the parameters here are arbitrary, with so many different realms and designers that lots of lost jewels have definitely been missing. All the worlds mentioned here are adventure or chillout environments, so we haven’t played any games here. If you want to play more quickly in VRChat, we suggest that you try the World Cards Against Humanity and different spaces, but they are no longer officially on our list. Also, search the VRChat event calendar if you’re looking for events rather than worlds.

1.Freeze Tag Worlds

Birds of a feather are Freeze Tag and Zombie Tag. Where the Zombie tag is about turning everyone into a tagger, the Freeze Tag is all about preventing people going to prevent no one from being “frozen” or rescued.

As with the Zombie Tag, aim for the worlds of the freeze tag by searching the Worlds tab for game mode. Make sure you want a population-long world because you have to play with others.

2.The Black Cat

The Black Cat is a quest world of Oculus, which works as a simulated event space. It has two-stage performances, two pubs, a restaurant, some private areas and also separate mirror toilets.

It’s another familiar environment you might know if you watch sufficient VRChat videos. Often streamers and content designers use The Black Cat as their “home base,” and because of its homely esthetics, they engage with their followers.

3.Big Al’s Avatar Corridors

Big Al’s Avatar Corridors isn’t really a map to relax, play a game, or something. Rather it’s like a costume museum where you can try to bring the show home.

Big Al’s Avatar Corridors have personalized player models that can be viewed, tried, and even loaded. All are completely rigged, too, so that when you talk to other people, they won’t look too strange.

4.Deathrun Worlds

Deathrunning is a game mode that goes back to Garry’s Mod beginning and the source motor. Basically, one player (Death) places traps on a path other player needs to pass along in order to finish. If a player is struck by a pit, they lose and have no chance of beating Death.

It works the same way in VRChat, and it is one of the most common modes of custom gaming. There is an enormous number of maps and more per week, and with time, they get crazier and crazier.

5.The Great Pug

The Great Pug is one of the VR worlds all of us saw. Streamers spend a lot of time there, content creators can be found in countless videos in the well-designed venue, and they are suitable for fun RPs, or just to relax.

The Great Pug is a classic pub with a bar, beverages, tables, food, and many things to do. VR also shows your talents as a juggler.

6.Zombie’s Hangout

Zombie’s Hangout may be added to a three-story combination of space on the background of indie artwork and art decoration. It has secret corridors, a bar, and any VR chess and virtual beer tong you can play in one location. If you don’t like playing games in the social arena, sit down and talk with other avatars in a bean bag chair and waste time.

7.The Devouring

The Devouring is one of the worlds with the most special VRChat because it isn’t a restaurant or a playground. The Devouring instead takes the theme of horror into VRChat and also acts as a cooperative adventure.

The Devouring begins after a mistaken road trip, and up to four players will go through an almost 6-hour camp. It was rightly compared to independent horror games from the last years and is perhaps VRChat’s most popular horror universe.

8.Where Spheres Touch

Where Sphere Touch is not a map for the heart’s weakness or faintness, it is a psychedelic experience through consciousness presented in augmented reality. One could waste hours here sucking into this trippy world’s sweets and complex designs.

The initial universe was funnily enough so that the author launched a succession, Where Spheres Touch II, which extends the world and transforms everything of the psychedelic that it experienced

9.Sled Hill

For one reason, Sled Hill is a funny moment in VRChat: it is the number one thing that encourages people to crash down VRChat. The camera and the buttons are usually very user-friendly, but a different story is pulling a sled.

Initially, there was just one Sled Slope, but the only thing that could appear in the Worlds tab to look for the “sled” tag should be a number of different ways to sleep big hills, not even outside it’s freezing.

10.Rest and Sleep

You may not really fall asleep when exploring Sleep or Rest, but it definitely offers the sort of feeling you need to relax with others. The soothing neon blue color on all lights and bits of furniture in the room sticks out here.

11.Japan Shrine

The Japan Shrine is a beautiful place of meditation in the virtual universe. This is a spring atmosphere, with Cherry Blossom trees swinging slightly over the wind and a pale blue sky, and the sanctuary houses several traditional rooms and rest areas influenced by the architecture of the Japanese and traditional homes.

Unfortunately, the original Japan Shrine was discovered soon after its release by its creator, but other imitations have emerged, which make a good effort to make the same scene.

12.Zombie Tag Worlds

In VRChat, Zombie Tag acts a lot like that in true life. One individual begins “it,” tags another; then he’s “it” too. The game continues until everybody succeeds in the “it” epidemic. 

This game in VRChat is taken into a whole new stage with several individual maps for players to play the Zombie Tag games. Only look for the game mode and find a server with many people.

13.Room of Summer Solitude

The Summer Solitude Room is better than any old room. It’s one of VRChat’s best-optimized bedrooms, just as good in the Oculus Quest as on a PC. This bed, however, is magnificent. The view over Hong Kong is as photorealistic as you can get into VRChat, and I felt like a travel photographer taking images inside it.

14.Void Club

The Void Club is easily the most active of all the VR nightclubs I have seen. Music pumps around the arena 24 hours a day, and nearly always, there are other avatars racing and bouncing around. You will visit different VIP areas over the dance floor but don’t forget to look at those vivid sci-fi views outside the club.

15.The Great Pug

You can almost smell the old wood, journals, coffee, and fried eggs as you get to The Great Pug. Anything on the main floor recalls a venereal neighborhood pub; the green and brown colors of the earthen and the framed pictures of remarkable visitors give an air of warmth to make you feel like a true restaurant is going in. Bonus points if you’re going to The Roost and enjoy the fire.

There is a lighter, alternative variant on Quest, The Great Pug – West, built for the standalone VR headset.


So, I hope you’ve got what the places you have to visit if you have a VRchat. 

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