This avatar does not contain an animator

This avatar does not contain an animator [ Error Fixing Guide]

What Is The “This Avatar Does Not Contain An Animator, And Will Not Animate In Vrchat” Error?

It is a common error message regarding the VRchat game stating that you have got a failed animated avatar in the game. 

Why Am I Seeing That Message?

There can be numerous reasons to appear this error message in the game. If you haven’t added an animator component into the root model of your, you will start seeing this problem.

You may find it above the VRC_Avatar Descriptor. Also not setting up the rig as humanoid in Unity, not assigning up bones properly, and not adding the description can also cause these kinds of situations.

The best way to get rid of these errors is to follow the recommended way to set up Avatars 3.0 using a descriptor and use the “build and test’ feature to see some errors. Getting into the game along with the animated avatar will bring troubles most of the time.

Avatars 3.0

Virtual Realty has always been the best one in gaming with several additions. As a live gamer, you can add an avatar. Although it is a bit complicated thing, you will start receiving errors and messages when performing that task.

When it comes to one of the most stunning features, uploading an animating avatar, you will start seeing those error messages as well. This article will help you to get rid of all sorts of errors including the “This avatar does not contain an animator, and will not animate in VRChat” error message and enjoy a fabulous game.

What Is Avatars 3.0

It is the latest form of the avatar that can be used for the VRchat game. When it comes to its state of performing, they are more powerful and creative than the previous versions 2.0 and above. The latest version is highly focusing on performance and expressing feelings. Also, the animated avatars are one of the latest stunning features with this new version.

Action Menu Is Vital!

As a gamer, it will be better if you have a look at the Action Menu as it acts as a major role in Avatar 3.0. It allows you to get into several actions regarding the avatar of yours. Also, some quick accessing controls have been associated with a smooth gaming experience. As a gamer with the animating avatar for the first time, you will get to know if it works properly as well.

When playing the game with an animated avatar, you will have to realize a few basic things regarding Avatar 3.0 Only after that, you will be able to feel the real experience of the VRchat. Also, it will be useful when avoiding some errors such as “This avatar does not contain an animator, and will not animate in VRChat” as well.

Things You Need To Be Aware Of Animated Avatars

An animator creator is the one responsible for facilitating the basics of an animated avatar. Unity is responsible for animating the characters in VRchat. They do create Animators and animations, Animator transitions, Animator parameters, State behaviors  Animator layers, Animator layer weights and blending Animator states, and Avatar masks within the game.

For creating these avatars with animating capabilities, you should know some other special things like Animation/State Exit Time, Loop Time for animations, Time Sync between layers, and Blend trees too.

Creating Your Avatar With Basic Animations

Creating an avatar is not a hard thing to do. Having the basics of the animations and the above-mentioned factors will be quite enough to perform that.

Importing the avatar is the thing you have to do as the first thing. Also, you should set the materials in this step. When it comes to adding the descriptor, that will be one of the crucial things to do. Because, without that, you are not complete in this process.

There are several viseme types in the choices. Even though it is a male one or a female one, you will have to select the best one. Also, adding eye lines will define some additional features such as blinking.  the jaw-flap bone should be assigned similar to the one you did for Avatar 2.0.  After these setup steps are concluded, you will have an avatar with great animating characteristics. Also, you need to remember that this basic avatar is more customizable with additional features as well.

Testing Without Being Uploaded

Yes, it is possible without uploading to the internet. As a VRchat gamer, you might have not been able to see the avatar without navigating in the live game in previous versions. But, avatar 3.0 has facilitated that feature. That will be able to minimize the errors that arise such as “This avatar does not contain an animator, and will not animate in VRChat”.

All you have to do is to click the Build and Test button to see the animated avatar. Soon after the command is given, the animated avatar will be copied into a new folder. You will be able to have access to the other section to see your avatar and make changes n there as well.

Although every other in the game see you as the last avatar you used, you will be able to see your avatar and its animations.

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