Oculus Go Controller Not Working: How to Fix?

Oculus Go Controller Not Working: How to Fix?

Is your Oculus Go controller acting up and trying to make your game time wasted? No need to stress. We’ve got a quick guide to help you fix it on your own ASAP, and here we’ll cover practical steps to check, reset, and get your controller working smoothly again. Welcome to VRchatguide.

What to do when your Oculus Go Controller is Not Working?

In my experience, I can say that this is a very common issue that Oculus Go users face, and there is no direct fix for this until you identify what really is happening inside your Oculus Go.

So the following are the quickest and the most possible fixes for this problem.

01. Check the Controller

Let’s see how to check your controller for any visible problems.

Is the battery placed well?

To check this, at the end of your Oculus Go controller, you’ll find a cap. Take it off. Don’t worry; you won’t break it.

Look inside the controller for instructions on how to place the battery correctly. This is essential for your controller to work.

Oculus Go Controller Not Working: How to Fix?
Oculus Go Controller AA Battery

Is there any dirt or debris inside the controller?

Sometimes, dirt, grime, or debris can find its way inside the controller, affecting its performance. Check for any such unwanted guests and clean them out.

Ensure that the connection for the battery on the other end of the controller is clean and free from any tarnish or damage.

Insert the battery with the flat side going in first, and press it firmly for a secure fit.

Once you’ve done these checks, put the cap back on and test if the controller is working again.

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02. Testing Buttons

If your controller is still giving you trouble, try resetting it using the buttons:

01. Press Any Button to wake it up – Start by pressing any button on the controller. This helps wake it up.

02. Oculus Button – Hold down the Oculus button for a moment. This is the big button with the Oculus logo on it.

03. Blink and Re-pair – While holding the Oculus button, also press and hold the back button until the controller’s LED blinks and then fully lights up again. This process re-pairs the controller with your Oculus Go.

Oculus Go Controller Not Working
Oculus Go Controller Buttons

No Lights? If you don’t see any lights during these steps, it’s possible that your controller is defective. In this case, reach out to Oculus Support for a replacement.

03. Using the App:

Now, let’s see if the controller is connecting to the Oculus app:

To connect your Oculus Go controller through the app, open the Oculus companion app on your smartphone, navigate to the Settings section, select your paired headset, and then choose your paired controller.

If you don’t see your controller listed, simply select “Unpair Controller.” This process ensures your controller is correctly connected to your Oculus Go, allowing you to enjoy your virtual experiences without any hiccups.

Fixing Oculus Go Controller Not Working

04. Resetting; Last Options

If none of the above steps have worked, it might be time to consider resetting your Oculus Go device. Fortunately, Oculus has made this process relatively straightforward. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, don’t worry; you have one last option.

How to reset Oculus Go controller?

You have two options to reset your Oculus Go: using the Oculus app or the headset itself.

Method 01: Using the Oculus App

  1. Open the Oculus app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the menu button in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select Devices and choose your Oculus Go headset.
  4. Tap Advanced Settings, then Factory Reset.
  5. Confirm by tapping Reset.

Method 02: Using the Headset

  1. Turn off your Oculus Go.
  2. Hold down the power and volume down buttons until the boot screen appears.
  3. Navigate to Factory Reset using volume buttons, select with the power button.
  4. Navigate to Yes, confirm by pressing the power button.

Note: Factory reset erases all data, so back up important info before proceeding

Factory Reset Oculus Go

Reach out to Oculus Support and ensure your purchase receipt is handy. They will guide you through further troubleshooting and potential solutions.

Why does the Oculus Go controller not turn on?

If your Oculus Go controller refuses to turn on, a dead battery might be the reason. Swap it out for a new one, ensuring the battery contacts are corrosion-free.

If the issue persists, consider pairing problems. Hold down the Oculus and Back buttons until the LED blinks, then pair it with the headset using the Oculus app.

Still no luck? Hardware issues could be at play, warranting a controller replacement. Additional tips include checking the charge, attempting pairing with another headset, using a different USB port, ensuring a high-quality battery, and updating your Oculus Go software. If problems persist, reach out to Oculus support for further assistance.

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These are the detailed steps to fix your Oculus Go controller when it’s not working as expected. Remember, if you spot any physical issues with your controller, such as loose or broken parts, contact the seller to inquire about warranty coverage. Now, you can get back to enjoying your virtual adventures without any technical issues.

Some related FAQs

What controller can I use with Oculus Go?

While the Oculus Go comes with its own controller, some third-party options are reported to be compatible. The Samsung EL-GP20, SteelSeries Status XL, and Moga Pro are mentioned as potentially suitable choices. Keep in mind that using controllers other than the one provided may vary in compatibility and functionality.

Why is my Oculus Go not charging?

If your Oculus Go isn’t charging, check if the LED light on the headset is lit while charging. If it’s not orange or green, it’s not charging correctly. Ensure the proximity sensor isn’t blocked by headset straps or other items when not in use. This can impede charging. Troubleshoot for uninterrupted power.

Can you still use Oculus Go in 2023?

As of January 1, 2023, you can no longer use the Oculus Go with just your Oculus account. To continue using the device, create a Meta account. Stick with your Oculus account, and you’ll miss out on social features and any upcoming functionalities that necessitate a Meta account. Stay updated for uninterrupted usage.

How long does Oculus Go last?

The Oculus Go typically has a battery life of around three hours. While physically comfortable for this duration, it’s recommended to take breaks more frequently, especially if you’re prone to headaches or motion sickness in VR. Keep in mind that the overall device lifetime may be influenced by usage patterns and other factors.

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