Is VRChat Compatible With Oculus Quest?

Yes. You are free to link and cross-play the VRchat along with the Oculus Quest. Not only oculus quest but its second version, Oculus Quest 2, is compatible with the Vrchat game. All you have to do is to know and play the game. This article will explain if VRChat is consistent with the Oculus quest.

Vrchat is not a game but a massive Vr technology-used game. The things a player gets to play are extremely huge. One of the main concerns a gamer does have to do is to play the quests. Although gamers have the liberty to create and upload new worlds into the VRchat main game, they didn’t have enough skills to create quests. The primary objective of the Quest is the interaction with the PC users.

How can I play Vrchat on Quest and Quest 2?

The interface and the graphic will act the same. What differs in the Quest and the Quest 2 gameplay is the inability to switch worlds when the gamer has PC-only worlds and PC-only avatars. Therefore, it is better to have the gameplay in both Pc only as well as Oculus quest.  If you are a beginner to the Vrchat game for the Oculus Quest, these small steps will help you for sure.

A Step by step guide how can i play vrchat on Quest – infographic

As the first thing to do, you should search the Vrchat in the Quest search bar. After finding the file, you should download and launch it.

As the next step, you should log in to the account using the Vrchat login details.

Start the game using the avatar you currently have. After completing the initial setting u, you will be able to swap the avatar. In this step, you should choose an avatar that is compatible with the Quest. Blue and Green colored markings will be indicating the avatar is ready for both PC and Quest.

Select a world and enter that. You will see floating-ghosts-like avatars, which are incompatible avatars. If you have the same averts, others will see you in the same manner.

You will be able to learn few gestures along with the gameplay. If you don’t have the understanding, the help menu will assist you.


As a Vrchat gamer, you have to remember that there are few limitations that can keep your entertainment contained. The quality of the gameplay is the main concern as a setback. Since there is a specific file size that has been set for avatars and the world, the gamers will not be able to act as they like. When it comes to high-tech computer gaming, those players will not get what they have wished as well if a gamer does have both the PC and the Quest assets, which make them eligible for playing in a high spec gaming environments.

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