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How To Use Vrchat Voice Changer | Guide 2021

If you are a regular VRchat gamer, you might have tried avatars to get the full excitement of the game when it comes to the Voice. That might have been an issue for you. As it is not suitable to use the typical Voice for the latest avatars, you must change the Voice yours. This article will let you have the necessary knowledge on Vrchat voice changer.

Best voice changer for vrchat : Voicemod

If you tried several ways to change the Voice of the character, you might not have tried the best thing yet. The Voicemod(Free real time voice changer) is one of the best ways to change the Vrchat voice. Since it is not only for Vrchat but for any online game for changing the Voice, this App has got the best features for you. There are thousands of voices and effects that you can use for the VRchat character. When considering the customization part, it will be the best to be discovered.

Although Voicemod is for several online VR games, the developers have focused on the VRchat game. It means that you get the privilege to enjoy every world on the game with a new voice. If you have tried new things with the Vrchat avatars, the Voice will be the next revolutionary thing for the Vrchat game.

Ly Sync is an added feature.

The Voicemod app has included the ability to sync with the lip. It makes the only and the most embracing feature for the avatar. If you have tried lots of Voice changing apps for VRchat, you might have experienced that lip-syncing is not a feature among any of them. Other than that, eye blinking, facial movements, and a whole new range of facial expressions are available along with the VoiceMod app.

Type of Voices

As you already know, vrchat voice changer includes the change of the pitch, addition of effects, and so many things. There are more than 70 voices that can be added to your Vrchat avatar. They include funny voices, scary voices, deep voices, child’s Voice, robotic Voice, screaming, and some crazy voice effects.

For what kinds of Oss is VoiceMod for?

It can be used for any of the Windows versions. Even if you have a low spec computer with an earlier Windows version like Windows 7, the App will be supporting the platform. You are free to use the Voicemod for windows 7/8/8.1/10 in 64-bit versions. Since the VRchat gets its hardware requirements in the 64-bit version,m you will not find issues with the 64-bit factor as well.

How to use the vrchat voice changer

Setting the most desired voices as your vrchat Voice is an easy thing to do. It is important to set Voicemod Virtual microphone as your default microphone. As the next step, you should install the Voicemod Voice Modulator app on your computer. After the installation is finished, you should open it. Then you should go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording and set the Microphone Voicemod Virtual Audio as the default microphone for your computer. After the changes are made, you will be asked to save the changes. Then, everything is set to start. All you have to do is to start the VRchat game and enjoy the fun.


If you are using online voice conversations, you will have to change the settings back to the existed settings as you might not be happy to use the Vrchat voice for other apps. You may go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording and set the inbuilt microphone as the default microphone.

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