Are you looking for a way to play music on your loving game, VRchat? As a gamer, you might not have ever seen any game with the social influence that VRchat has.

Players are allowed to discover numerous world and do things that he has never done in the real world. Playing favorite music in the game will be a thing they love to do.  For its perfection, playing music in the game will be able to maximize its influence by a ton for sure.

This article will let you gather all things related to how to play music in VRchat.

Voicemeeter Bananawith Your Physical Mic

Voicemeeter Banana is the best application for playing music with your mic. You can add music with a quite higher variation as well.

All you have to do is to record the Music you want to be added to the game. You can use any kind of physical mouse you have to perform this action. Even if it is a song, you will be able to record with the noise cancellation.

Then the music should be added to the avatars of the game. Although it is just one, you may do that also.

Finally, the audio should be fed directly into the game from your computer.

Using Your Phone

This method is the simplest way to play music in the VRchat game.  The most important thing in this way is being able to avoid 3rd party applications.

You have to use an auxiliary cable to get the required voice or music into the computer.  You can send the music directly into the VRchat game as well.

It is a good way to avoid unnecessary exposures and threats that can come into your computer.

Virtual Audio Cable

This is considered a modern way to transfer audio sources from one application to another. All you have to do is to allow the phone to think that there is a voice source and a recordable source in the computer.

The virtual audio cable allows the computer to take audio signals from the source you want to add. 

Finally, you can turn the mic source directly into the game and enjoy the live music in its best quality.

Clownfish Voice Changer

When it comes to the text to speech and music boards feature, this app will be able to bring tons of things together along with playing music. 

This app allows you to select and play music and audio files through the mic.

You have to set clownfish as your default system mic when playing the game. It will clear any remaining obstacles for steady gameplay. 

Final Thoughts

On the way how to play music in VRchat, you will be able to get plenty of options with so many alternatives. But, it is essential to remember that the more apps are being installed on the computer the more restrictions and files will be built up in the system. Although a virtual mic or a cable is a need, you may always refer to the genuine voice encoding sources as much as possible.