Since the very beginning of the VRchat game, there has been a development in the numbers of the players who are making fun.

New players have come into play and they have been getting some sort of priority as well.

When it comes to development, so many strategies have been introduced to the game in the new version. You need to understand that numbers mean the competition. Although the competition doesn’t always mean winning, logging in to the servers and such things have become a competition indeed.

Now let’s see in this post How to make Vrchat less laggy

How The Lags Occur

There are several reasons for lagging the game. As you know there are millions of players in this game.

They have been added to several servers. When a server contains more numbers of players than It’s limit, lags occur. Also, some investors hold some priorities in those servers.

Although so many of those people are held in the servers, they have to be given the priorities which means you may face situations when losing data. Lag spikes are sort of things that happen due to server errors.

Sometimes, your connection might not be having enough speed to interact with the game sufficiently. That will be the thing you need to give your attention to when looking for how to make VRchat less laggy.

When it comes to your area or the state with the poor connectivity, you might not have any other option than facing such spike lags. If the servers that are allocated into your region are facing lag spikes, you will be able to skip such things using VPNs and similar strategies.

Hardware Acceleration Should Also Be Up To The Level

One of the most important things that the gamers forget while going after the servers is the hardware acceleration.

Although the VRchat game seems to be poor in graphics, you should remember that VRchat is focusing on the Vr standard which means a lot and lots of hardware acceleration.

Your computer should be having at least an i5 processor with 4 GB Ram. Also, it is recommended to have 2GB VGA in equivalent or greater values.

Although the recommended spacing, 1GB from the installed drive. An internet cache cleaner is also a necessity for this game. Although there is a preinstalled setting is available, it will be easy to use that.

Easy Fixes

Here are a few ways that can be used to fix the lagging issue. When it comes to the implementation, you will have to use the most appropriate one or a few together. Also, it is recommended you be watchful about the restrictions that have been regulated agist using VPN.

Task Manager And Graphical Settings Together

You might already know that there is a priority that has been set by your system. Operating System has got some crucial and prioritized things to need to be done as soon as possible.

Other than that, there can be an internet browser, Mp3 player, or anything usual that has got the priority. What you need to do is to set the priorities for the Vrcht game first of all.

Along with this thing, you will have to change some settings in the game as well.

First, you should run the game. To do so, open the game by double-clicking on it.

Then open the taskbar by pressing Alt+CTRL+Delete keys.

Then you will see that the VRchat game is running in the list.

After finding the VRchat app in the list, you should set the priorities. Right clicking will open up the setting priority option.

Then you will see that the game has been set the priority in normal. That has to be changed something above that.

Now everything has been set to give the acceleration to your game from the hardware and the operating system.

If you are in a moment when the VRchat game itself is losing control of the graphic with frequent lags. What you have to do is to set the graphical balance inside the game.

To do that, you should go into the Steam library and go for VRchat. Open VRchat and hold the left shift until a VRchat configuration pops up. It will the right place to set the values within the game.

Also, you need to remember that making mistakes will create more ineffective things than lags and sticking up. The most convenient way to hit and run is to set the resolution only. Selecting the graphical values and the optimum resolution will fix almost everything with lags.

Cleaning Up Cache Memory

Whatever the operating system you use or the hardware configuration for your computer, there will be a thing called cache memory. Filling up the cache memory is the main reason to produce lags and keep you away from the game.

The best way to get rid of such things is to use a third-party application to clean the cache memory. If you are already aware of the inbuilt cache memory cleaner in the VRchat game, that will be a good answer for VRchat less laggy.

A VPN Is Also A Choice

You are recommended to use this option as the final resort for the lagging problems.

Since there are so many restrictions for VPNs all around the world, you will always have to be careful of the legal authority to use these kinds of things.

When it comes to the implementation, you will be able to get the full use of the VPN by logging into different servers all around the world.

Since there are some priorities for some countries and particular servers, you will be able to play the game with something embracing.

Also, you need to remember to add the maximum internet speed to allocate some speed for the VPN as VPNs usually provide the maximum speed for the users.


Lagging is an occasional thing that can happen with a game. System requirements, drivers, and there can be so many things that affect this thing.

When all those things become a failure, there comes the lagging, one of the most hated features of players. As a game with an internet origin, VRchat has got plenty of reasons to keep lagging.

In this article, you will be able to collect some causes and unbreakable fixes for small things.