It is not only your mission to explore new worlds and features in the VRchat game but to explore new friends too. Even if you are having a load of friends, you might be able to add a few more for an expanded experience.

It Is Not A Hard Thing To Do

There are a few specific things that are related to VRchat when it comes to the friend feature. You have to be friends with some person in order to invite him/her into a virtual world.

It means that you have to send a friend request to add him/her to add into your list. If that person accepts it, you will be able to do so many things including take the person into your world. Also, you will find that added person in your social menu in case of a need.

To add new friends all you have to do is to open up the new menu and select social from the given list. This enables you to add any of the people with whom you have interacted in the game.

Pointing Is Cruicial

Then you should point at the particular player you want to be added as a friend. There is one specific thing you need to remember when following this method as it can be used against a person who doesn’t allow you to stay calm.

For example, if there is someone who follows you frequently and unnecessarily all you have to do is to open the quick menu and block after pointing the particular person.

Sometimes, it is possible to not be in the same room. You can search the person by his/her name in the search menu in the social menu.

Then after the process is similar to send a friend request to a person by sending the laser. After they accept your request, you will find him on the social list. VRchat home site allows the users to link their profiles directly with the home site.

If a person wants to find a specific person by his/her name, all he has to do is to go to the home site and search. If the particular person has submitted his profile for friend requests, you will get the link to send a friend request. The link will be appearing right next to the linked person’s avatar.

List of Requets

When it comes to the list of friend requests, you can simply access it the same way, open Quick Menu, then Social, and view.  When there is a new friend request from a person in the game, that will be shown along with an exclamation mark and a chat bubble. All you have to do is to accept or ignore if not concerned. Even if you want to block the same person, that will be possible in the options.

Special Note – As a person with a keen interest to explore new things and discover new personalities, you have the ability to find a load of friend requests by submitting the link to the Vrchat home site. But, you should note that “adding friends in vrchat?” can be more important than “how to keep your privacy in Vrchat?” Because Vrchat is not a form of social media but a VR experience. It will be just enough to play normally if you honor some privacy.