Indeed, you have the liberty to play a VRchat game without either a VR or a headset. You only need a keyboard, mouse, a monitor, and a desktop to play this game.

When considering playing the game without any VR, you might lose so many things along with its precious feeling. Also, the game’s name, Vrchat, indicates what you need when playing the game. But, it is better you know why you should be playing Vrchat along with a VR.

Game quality will be the very first thing you may lose when playing the game without a VR.

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As you know, every character in the game is a real person. There are so many worlds where people love to enjoy their lives with others. A date, a joyful evening, and any occasion will be suited for you with a VR.

When it comes to a moment without a VR, you will just be seeing people in front of a desktop. There will not be any live feeling at all. For example, if it is a date, you will not be able to get full use of it. Maybe, you might feel that it would have been better if there was just a Web Camera in front of you.

If you are not in the Vrchat game with a  VR, you will not be a part of it for sure. It is one of the reasons Why do you need VR for vrchat For proper Game Play as well. When it comes to sound, you will lose lots of things in desktop mode.

Considering the fact, ability to make sharp moves, you will not be able to do so many things without a Vr as the Keyboard and mouse will make you almost inhuman. Sharp moves. Leanings and there will be so many things that you can lose.

If others can sense your availability without a VR, that will itself be a loss indeed. If you are looking at Why do you need VR for vrchat For  A proper Game Play, all these reasons will be quite enough to play the game with a VR? Without a Vr, you’ll have to use the desktop version of the Vrchat which makes you a first-person viewer.