Of course, you are not going to need a VR headset to play VR chat. But, as a gamer, you should remember that VR chat is a game that requires higher technology for the overall performance. If you are not using the required hardware acceleration, you will lose some of the things for sure.

Here are special things that you must r4emeber when playing VR chat without a VR headphone.

Desktop Mode is the key!

More likely a desktop mode game, you have the ability to play VR chat on your computer. What you are going to need is a keyboard, mouse, and desktop. Sound can be made available with the speakers. If you are using only a couple of speakers, that will be pretty enough to play the VRchar game without a Vr headset.

If you are playing Vr chat on steam, all you have to do is to set the playing mode into desktop mode. In this setting, you will get the ability to move forward without having a Vr headset. Also, you may play Vr chat without having a VR headset in the oculus by just clicking “Launch in Desktop Mode”

What You May Miss?

There is not everything you may lose when playing VRchat on desktop mode but some of the crucial things that made VRchat a glorious VR game.  Therefore it is vital to be aware of the things that you may lose when playing the game.

Chatting is a major thing in this game. Without a VR headset, you are not going to use that feature. You will be the silent hero although you are capable of performing millions of things in thousands of worlds.

Also, when it comes to a situation people scream and criticize you, you will have to do nothing except leaving the VRchat world. As a person who is interested in Chat, you should know, chatting is far more important than any other online game in the world.

Most of the video games are created to get extreme experience to the gamers. Therefore, having a VR headset or an enhanced headset with 5.1 quality is an added feature. When it comes to a game like Vrchat, the gamers will need to have a VR headset as a vital thing.

The quality of the sound drops eventually if the gamer doesn’t have the best hardware match for the sounds generated by the game. When coming to the question, “Do you need a VR headset for a chat?” you will not get the best sound quality with the speaker setup you have.

How To Improve Audio Quality Without A Headset

As the recommended hardware solution for playing VRchat, you should consist with a Headset for sure for the best performance. If you are not able to get a Headset, you will find almost everything with a 5.1 sound system. But, adding a mic for the setup will be a thing you should do next.

The best example to give is a movie and a book. Do you have the ability to see a movie by reading its book? As you know it depends. For example, if you are indeed a fan of that specific movie, you will get the entertainment equally by reading the book.

When it comes to a moment when you are neither interested in the book nor the movie, you will feel nothing literally. The best way to know if you can get the entertainment equally in VRchat is to consider if it is worth playing the game.

Asking the same question for the last time, “Do you need a VR headset for vrchat?”, yes you need. However, it is not a selection between yes or not, but how and how far.