Cats Blender Plugin For VRchat

Fixing your models into the VRchat is a process that consumes lots of time. The cats blender plugin allows the users to skip that long-running process into a short time. It just requires a few steps that that you can finalize within a couple of minutes. 

Along with the 2.90 and 2.91 versions, it has enabled the users to work with the Blender which means a Vrchat gamer can use this amazing plugin. If you, as a gamer, took more than a couple of hours to upload your model into the VRchat game, the latest cats blender plugin will let you to accomplish that within a couple of minutes. This is what you need to know about cats blender plugin.

What Are The Features That I Can Enjoy Along With Cats Blender Plugin?

Creating Custom Models Quickly

Although you didn’t have credit or money to buy models from online stores, it doesn’t mean that you are off the VRchat perfect experience. Since the cats blender plugin allows the gamers to create their own custom models, you will be able to stick with the game in just a couple of minutes. Even if you are just a beginner, cats blender plugin will help you precisely.

Lip Syncing

If you were not iterated in cats blender plugin due to its incapability to conduct lip-syncing, the latest cats blender plugin will let you enjoy that feature as well. After getting the right model for the VRchat game, you will be able to upload and enjoy a character that speaks like you do.

Eye Tracking

Eye-tracking is one of the vital things a VRchat gamer needs to have for a perfect experience. The latest cats blender plugin allows the users to send sharpened eye expressions along with the eye-tracking.  

Fewer Time Consumption To Upload A Model

Unlike the typical and the classical way to set up a mode, in the VRchat game, the cats blender plugin allows the gamers to form the new model in a less time. For example, if earlier you took a couple of hours, the cats blender plugin will install it within a couple of minutes.

Creating Texture Atlas

Ability to create texture atlas is one of the amazing benefits of the plugin. Through this plugin, you will be able to have enhanced graphics for the model you want o have in the VRchat game.

Material Optimization

The material optimization is one of the benefits that you may get from cats blender plugin. As you know, VRchat game has got lots of material that a gamer needs to mange of. The cats blender plugin allows you to optimize the materials in the game as you may like, which will result in enhancing the quality and the smoothness of the gameplay.


Updates will reach to your plugin about once in a month. As a gamer, you might not have time to go and install the updates manually. The cats blender plugin will have Auto-Updating feature which can relieve your freedom in the end for VRchat playing.

Enhanced Bone Count

According to the exact bone count of the model, cats blender plugin will enable you to have a perfect gameplay. Along with the improved material optimization, texture quality, Bone Count will perform a job that you had been waiting for a long time.

What is the cats blender plugin version should I have?

  • You can enjoy all the above features using the 2.79 or 2.80 of cats blender plugin.

How can I install the cats blender plugin?

It is as easy as follows.

1.Download cats blender plugin First

You should download the cats blender plugin from the official website. After conducting a search, you will be able to find the website as well. Also, the following link will let you download the extension file.

2.Keep It In .RAR format

You have to keep the file without extracting as you are going to need it in the next steps. 


The installation should take place like an Adon. You should go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons to install the download file. After browsing the file in the Edit > Preferences > Add-ons menu, you will be able to install the file. When coming to Python users, they have to install Numpy before going through v installation. 

4.MMD Tools

You are not going to need MMD tools for the cats blender plugin installation. If you are asked to choose options, you will be able to skip that.

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